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Quotation – Terms & Conditions

Quotation – Terms & Conditions

North America AES Please contact your local office for AES solutions and costings.
Personal Effect Freight $50 Please refer all personal effects shipments as some destinations may incurr additional charges due to the routing of the shipment.
Freight Collect Freight $100 Please refer as some destinations will not take freight collect.
NES Customs Entry £20 NES (New Export System) – electronic entry to HM Customs (if required to be completed by AutoBox Logistics)
Manifest Amendment Fee £25 Will apply to any data changes to declared or undeclared contents after any documentary cut off.
Special Post Delivery £5 Normal post is First Class Royal Mail. If anything other than the normal post is required we charge an additional fee as stated to
UK mainland addresses, international on application.

Current Rates are based on shipment of cargo that is suitably presented for export on a freight prepaid basis, collect shipments will be subject to additional surcharges. AutoBox Logistics ltd., reserve the right to refuse or revise any quotation if cargo is deemed not suitable for shipment. Rates do not include insurance.

Haulage prices shown are not applicable for timed collections and/or deliveries.

Special attention is drawn to any Wood Packing Regulations applicable. Failure to comply with these conditions, which vary from Country to Country could result in cargo being returned at your cost. Furthermore, please avail yourselves of the prevailing import rules of the Country of destination at the time of shipment.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all business undertaken by Cargo Marketing Services Ltd (CMS) is exclusively in the capacity of freight forwarder, unless AutoBox Logistics issues a Procon Express Lines Bill of Lading (B/L) in which case CMS acts as a carrier.

Except when we operate as an NVOCC and a Procon Express Lines Bill of Lading is issued, all business is transacted in accordance with the current Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), copies of which will be supplied on request or can be downloaded from www.bifa.org.. A copy of the Procon Express Lines Bill of Lading terms and conditions will also be supplied on request.